Hoshi Saga 9 Game

Hoshi Saga has to be one of the most entertaining and challenging “simple” flash puzzles we have ever seen and despite having so many entries in the series, it never gets old. It is so fun that there is even a special twisted version that plays with the scenarios of the best puzzles of the earlier installments. So when it comes to getting a new one in the set, consider us more than excited to get our hands on it. Continue Reading

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Hoshi Saga 9: What We Would Like to See

The best part about Hoshi Saga is the simple point of the game: find the star. It never changes no matter which version of Hoshi Saga you play, and in every single puzzle, your creativity and innovativeness will be tested to the extreme. Despite the game being designed by a Japanese developer, there is no language barrier here. This is actually quite a feat. To create a puzzle game that relies solely on visual components, without any use of words means being able to convey messages, clues, and hints, through a graphical representation that is understood by anyone who views it, regardless of their cultural background.

The first great thing about Hoshi Saga 9 is the fact that it will most certainly be a single mouse game. So even if this gets ported to an app or some other device, expect the controls to rely on basic click and drag inputs. No use of the keyboard or some complex hand gestures; hopefully anyway. Hoshi Saga became a big hit with many of its fans playing on computers –to isolate that crowd by going with full touch controls seems to be an unlikely move for the creators.

Of course, the next game will be in color and will have another ton of stages. The first few HS games were in monochrome, but that quickly changed and we got treated to a whole new set of puzzles that provided all the colors of the rainbow. This not only showcased the visual flair of the developers, but also provided another layer to the puzzles –many of the puzzles incorporated the various changes in colors to provide players with a puzzlingly fun time looking for stars.

What we would like to see: more bonus end content. Sure, all it usually takes is a simple graphic at the end, but that tends to be more than enough to get players cranking out their best to finish the game as efficiently, and as completely as possible. This is one of the few puzzle games that has a difficulty bar, and finishing it on the highest setting actually counts for something.

Naturally, the most important thing of all: new puzzles. This is a no-brainer and is more of something to look forward to than something to hope for. Hoshi Saga’s developers have been able to crank out hundreds of new puzzles over the many previous games in the series. So it is only natural that they would do no less for the newest and latest addition to the lineup. Hoshi Saga 9, we are eagerly waiting for you.